Introducing Our New Website

Change is good.  As the season will soon change to winter and 2013 will shortly become 2014, we are excited to announce our own change: Our new website.

Why the change? We had a goal to create a new website that would attract and serve new customers while benefiting, without confusing or alienating, our existing clients. A new machinery division URL was formed, which ties together the old URLs, creating one universal website.

While still maintaining our identity of EDAC Technologies, we wanted to simultaneously set the focus on our Machinery division and the information we provide on it. In this way, we can highlight the division as a whole, emphasizing our recognized and trusted engineering approach to solving our customers’ manufacturing challenges—through our spindles, centerless grinding, and grinding machines.

Our new and improved website features our highlighted parts grinding services, which we plan on developing even further on the site. While this is a significant aspect of Smith-Renaud’s business, now it is being promoted and offered as part of a process solution, where EDAC Machinery grinds the parts and develops machines for that grinding application, and then easily provides the customer the capability to make the parts on their own.

Our new website also features a highlight of our in-stock machines and spindles, making the site an invaluable resource and solution to any immediate and/or urgent emergency situations or rapidly forming opportunities.

We welcome you to visit the new online home of EDAC Machinery, and please feel free to share your thoughts with us on this change, which we believe is for the better.

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