Made in the USA: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

It used to be that saying Made in the USA went a long way. Consumers were proud to purchase goods made here in America, and it was almost a given. Then outsourcing came along, and many companies were forced to send their business overseas in order to stay competitive; cheaper foreign labor meant keeping production costs down.

Thankfully, American manufacturing is now making a major comeback, as reshoring is bringing business back to American soil. Along with it, Made in the USA is also making a comeback, with small and large businesses—as well as consumers—again realizing the true value in U.S. manufacturing.Flag_of_the_United_States_(Pantone).svg

According to a recent article in Time magazine, “American workers are busy making things that customers around the world want to buy — and defying the narrative of the nation’s supposedly inevitable manufacturing decline.” Large companies such as Apple and Airbus, along with small businesses, are bringing business home. Accordingly, Americans are once again taking pride in—and making a special effort to—buy American. Thankfully the trend seems to be continuing, as it’s crucial to the country’s economy.

As much as it is now a trend, for us, it’s always been this way. We are and , and we realize that Made in the USA isn’t just words. They speak, without having to define it. Dealing with spindles, it’s a great advantage for our customers that we are Made in the USA. When they work with us, as opposed to our foreign competitors, when it comes time for service or support, they don’t have to go overseas to get it. By dealing with us, on-shore, our clients save time and money.

We also have the ability to provide support for foreign-made machines. While the U.S. used to be the primary machine building country in the world, it’s now virtually non-existent. We can repair these machines, eliminating the need to send them back to Asia or buy an entirely new spindle. We can do it here, saving money and aggravation.

While we’re thrilled that American manufacturing is a growing trend, we’re also proud to have consistently remained a true American manufacturer—trendy or not.



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