Precision Spindle Bearings: Storage Guidelines for a Long Shelf Life

Gros-Ite Precision spindle bearings—used by many industries, for many applications—are known for their extremely high degree of accuracy.  As such, a high quality precision bearing will provide precise accuracy for a long time, and come with a tested, proven shelf and storage life (shelf life is up to five years).

In order to preserve the shelf, storage, and service life, and get the most out of your precision spindle bearings and their performance, it’s important to follow the guidelines for proper storage:

  • Store bearings in original packaging until time of service
  • Do not alter the original package markings
  • Be sure to store them in an environment where relative humidity is below 60% and temperature is maintained between 32°F and 104°F
  • Keep storage area free of dust, dirt, harmful vapors, liquids, and other contaminants
  • Keep storage area free of vibrations from railroads, construction equipment, vibratory feeders, etc.
  • Avoid storage in areas with extreme conditions
  • Be sure to keep packaging from being pierced, crushed, or damaged in any way
  • Remove bearing from packaging in a clean environment and put into service right away
  • When removing a bearing from a bulk packed container, reseal container immediately
  • Storage conditions and bearing lubricant will temper 5-year shelf life.  If conditions are ideal and manufacturer’s rust inhibiting oil is protected, this shelf life is practical. If bearings are grease lubricated, oil can weep out and shelf life could be reduced by 50%.  If storage conditions are less than ideal, consult the manufacturer for revised shelf life recommendations
  • Bearings stored for time periods longer than recommended should be returned to manufacturer for inspection and relube

Follow these storage guidelines, and you’ll get the most out of your precision spindle bearings, and quality will be assured.

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