Understanding the Cause of and Solution to Spindle Failure

Spindles are a necessary component in a variety of industries and serving many applications.  A high quality spindle, designed using the latest technology, makes all the difference in the world.  Yet many don’t know exactly what a spindle is, how it works, why it may fail, and what should be done in the event of a failure.  We’d like to answer these questions for you.

What is a Spindle?

A spindle is a highly precise instrument that utilizes rolling element bearings—typically ball bearings or roller bearings—that are produced with tolerances ground to within millionths of an inch.  The bearings are then fitted into precision ground or bored housings with similar sizes and tolerances, making spindles similar to inspection grade equipment in terms of tolerance. Precision spindles also integrate bearing retaining caps, precision bearing locknuts, precision bearing spacers, and sealing systems, and their configurations are almost endless.  They should be designed to the specific parameters of their application.

Why Does a Spindle Fail?

Most spindles do not fail due to bearing fatigue, as many people think, as they are precisely designed with ample load carrying capacity. Rather, most fail for reasons that include contamination of the bearing lubricant, abuse, improper lubrication procedures, and any combination of these reasons.

Importance of Spindle Failure Evaluation

Because failure reasons are varied and many, it’s crucial to have a spindle repaired by an expert. A proper evaluation will ensure quality repair that will extend the bearing life and limit the need for further repairs, therefore saving money and down time.  Proper evaluation includes a test run (if necessary), cleaning and disassembly of parts, document construction, and thorough parts inspection.

Who Should Repair Your Spindle?

Simply put, a well-repaired spindle should function on the same level as a new spindle.  While many manufacturers will repair their own spindles, they often overlook the full evaluation process and therefore the cause of failure, as well as the importance of cleanliness in the process.  Other smaller shops or repair services lack the resources, space, personnel, and equipment to perform a truly effective repair.  By choosing a company such as EDAC Machinery, repairs are done by those with the capability to design and manufacture new spindles, and they will integrate the latest technology to provide peak operating performance after conducting a thorough evaluation for the cause behind the failure.  A company offering full manufacturing capabilities, engineering support, parts cleaning equipment, and almost infinite knowledge and resources will ensure overall value and longer lasting results down the line.

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2 Responses to Understanding the Cause of and Solution to Spindle Failure

  1. pbaspindles says:

    The spindle repair process can include a number of steps. However, the principle steps in spindle repair include hard chroming, grinding, machining, and bearing replacement.

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3996498

  2. Machine tool spindles have played a critical role in industrial machines the world over since the dawn of the industrial revolution

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