EDAC Machinery Common and Differentiating Questions and Answers

EDAC Machinery is a division of EDAC Technologies. EDAC Machinery is split into four business units that provide us with the expertise to meet the ever changing needs of our customers.  Because of the fact we are so diverse; clients are often confused about the specific products and services we can provide. In order to help clear up confusions we have tackled a list of common questions we are asked below. If there are any additional questions please feel free to comment below.
What is EDAC Machinery?

EDAC Machinery is a specialty machine tool and spindle manufacturer. It is a division of EDAC Technologies, and it draws upon their leadership position in their industry to enhance it’s own. The four business units that make up the Machinery Division are Gros-Ite Precision Spindle, Service Network International, Accura Technics, and Smith Renaud. These four divisions provide unparalleled capability in the areas of spindle manufacturing, spindle repair, precision grinding including centerless grinding machine manufacture and remanufacture, replacement parts and automation, as well as precision engineering.
How long has EDAC Machinery been in business?

While EDAC Machinery is a new organization of its business unit parts, the companies that make up EDAC Machinery have been around for decades and decades and have leadership positions in their niche markets. Smith-Renaud has been in business for over fifty-five years, Gros-Ite Precision Spindle and SNI have been in business since the early Eighties. Accura Technics, a relative newcomer, has been in business for over fifteen years.
Where are EDAC Machinery products manufactured, where will my spindle be while it’s being repaired?

EDAC Machinery is located in the New England region of the northeast United States of America. It draws upon the rich depth and tradition of manufacturing engineering expertise in the area, especially in the spindle and grinding spheres.
What makes EDAC Machinery a great source for spindle products and services?

The combined engineering talents and manufacturing capabilities of Gros-Ite and Smith-Renaud enable EDAC Machinery to design and build spindles for any application. Any spindle can be repaired, or remanufactured to be repurposed for new applications as customer’s require.
What makes EDAC Machinery a great source for grinding machine tools and services?

The combined engineering talents and manufacturing capabilities of SNI and Accura Technics enables EDAC Machinery to manufacture some of the most precise grinding machine tools available for both production and tool room use. Remanufacture of HEALD and all other grinders for enhanced or repurposed applications, automation, as well as parts and field service, are available. Through Smith-Renaud, the same services are available for centerless grinding machine tools.
Is my repair or remanufacture work outsourced to another outfit.
All work is done by EDAC Machinery.

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