EDAC Machinery – Manufacturing Solutions

EDAC Machinery is a division of EDAC Technologies. EDAC Machinery is split into four business units that provide us with the expertise to meet the ever changing needs of our customers.

One of the business units within EDAC Machinery is Gros-Ite Precision Spindle. Spindles are considered the heart of every machine. Using the right spindle will help optimize a machine tool process for the highest productivity. This product line includes a line of stock spindles that are off the shelf and ready to ship. We also offer custom designed and manufactured spindles. We are able to repair all makes and models of spindles, and perform drawbar verification and dynamic balancing.

Service Network International (SNI) is also part of EDAC Machinery. SNI designs and manufactures internal, external and surface grinders.  This group also does repairs, remanufactures and provides enhancements for any make and model grinder. We can give you competitive offerings on any grinder needs you may have including machine updates.

Accura Technics is another one of our business units that produces grinding machines. Our ultra-precision grinders are built new and used heavily in the bearing, automotive and aerospace industries.

The final business unit under EDAC Machinery is Smith-Renaud. This manufacturing group remanufactures and updates centerless grinding machines. Our engineering specialists have the ability to improve these machines not only by bringing them back to their original state, but by adding updated technology. Our staff can design custom tooling integration with performance certification.

EDAC Machinery has a strong advantage over our competitors because of our diverse and deep range of products and offerings. Providing these options adds value to our company and allows us to be sure we have the best solution for your manufacturing challenges.

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